Please note that the testimonials provided below represent the personal opinion of the client providing the testimonial. Reflexologists do not treat for any specific illness. Reflexology helps the client’s body return to a state of balance.

Relieve my shooting pains, burning feeling…get a good night’s rest
I have had diabetes and high blood pressure for several years now and often see my Podiatrist for my Neuropathy pain but besides taking my medicines, sometimes it’s just not enough to help with the aches, not until I  heard about reflexology. It has really helped relieve my shooting pains, burning feeling, and with my poor circulation, I actually get a good night’s rest. It’s Relaxing and very helpful to someone in my condition! – C. Jones

My feet and my body feels incredible…unblocked stagnant energy
If you’re looking for an incredible reflexology treatment, look no further than Repeka Ieremia.   Repeka is not only talented and knowledgeable about her craft, she is gifted. I knew I was in for a treat the moment her hands touched my feet.  Repeka is like a musician who plays my feet like a finely tuned musical instrument.  Ahhh!…Magic!  When she gets to a sore spot she explains which organs correlate with that part of the foot.   After Repeka works on me, my feet and my body feels incredible… as if her work  has unblocked stagnant energy and restored balance & healing.   I feel very blessed to have found Repeka and I would not trust my feet to anyone else! – DD, Vacaville

Positively affected both my physical and emotional health
Repeka has been coming to my home for the last year.  She is the whole package…an exceptionally competent reflexologist as well as a lovely and caring human being.  I am blessed that she has come into my life and know that she has profoundly  and positively affected both my physical and emotional healthI highly recommend Repeka Ieremia to anyone who seeks to improve the quality of their life. – Ruth

Professional Reflexologist recommends Repeka…addressing lower back and hip problems
As a professional Reflexologist myself, I’m pleased to recommend Repeka Ieremia as your reflexologist. I have known her for many years. She sees me frequently for reflexology sessions, and has been helpful in addressing some lower back and hip problems I’d been having. A session with Repeka also helps me to relax, release stress and accumulated bad energy. Repeka has a kind and loving heart and it is always a pleasure to spend time with her. I urge you to try reflexology with Repeka. It’s a great addition to your healthcare routine and you’ll be glad you did!
Sincerely, Susan L. Mix, NBCR
Certified Ingham Method® Reflexologist

Alert, awake and motivated!
I couldn’t sleep last night! That’s how much energy I had after my amazing foot reflexology session. And amazing does not even begin to do it justice. I’ve had several foot reflexology massages before but NEVER had I experienced anything like yours. You have angel hands…and a spirit to go along with them. You are so in tune with what you feel and you are so caring – you want to be sure to work out every “kink” you come across. It was amazing to actually feel something in the organ you were working on. At one point I was about to tell you my stomach felt funny, when you said “right now, I’m working on the part connected to your stomach”. But yes, while the actual session was amazing, how I felt after was even more amazing! So much energy! Alert, awake and motivated! What a good feeling…hmm…maybe that’s how I should look at it…I need a reflexology session so I can get more done! – JLB

Restored the lost sensitivity in my legs.
While in the hospital, four days after major surgery, I was fortunate enough to have a reflexology session with repeka. The doctors placed wraps around my legs to prevent blood clots from forming. I never knew that the wraps placed around my legs were actually pulsating until after the reflex session. Her treatment restored the lost sensitivity in my legs. My reflexology treatments with repeka has become the highlight of my week! – Danny Thompson

Tension lifted from my shoulders…felt rejuvenated
I always heard people say reflexology is so soothing all from a massage on the feet. I really didn’t believe it because I thought to myself “How can someone massage your body without actually touching your body but by massaging their feet?” Well I am here to say that my first reflexology experience from Repeka was amazing. I immediately felt the tension lifted from my shoulders as she started to do reflexology on my feet with her soft hands. Before the reflexology, my body was so tense and stiff. I always woke up with a strain in my neck & shoulders. After Repeka was done with me, I felt rejuvenated. I felt as if I went thru a whole body massage. I can go on and on about how great Repeka is with her clients but I don’t have enough time Lol. To sum it all up Repeka’s flowing and bubbly energy made my reflexology experience the greatest and I look forward to many more appointments with her. – jPeleki

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